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December 2017 Stars of the Month

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Congratulations to our Stars of the Month

To be named Star of the Month is a great honor. A Star Student embodies all that it means to be a La Salle star—he or she is a leader in the classroom, and shows grit and determination always. A Star is hard-working, and shows care and respect to others in our community. Additionally, a Star shows respect to our school building by helping to clean up and serve others in the building. A Star is a leader in his or her classroom or in the larger community.

For the month of December we celebrated two “Stars of the Month” that met these expectations.

Jibril Azziz (on the left)
Jibril has a natural ability to make everyone he meets feel like a STAR! He always greets his classmates and teachers with a smile. Jibril is patient and considerate, whether in the classroom or on the playground he always ensures fairness is being extended to those around him. Jibril  exemplifies our core values of community and inclusivity.

Nikko Colyer
(on the right)
Nikko is a shining example of a Star student. Nikko was named Star of the Year last year, and has continued to set the standard for Star of the Month. Nikko is a quiet leader in his class, and a reliable student who is always willing to help others. Nikko shows our core values of care and zeal daily, working diligently on his assignments and showing kindness to everyone.